Photographer, adventurer & content creator


Valokuvaaja, somevaikuttaja ja somevalmentaja

 photographer, adventurer and content creator

Because your story deserves to be seen

Let’s give your story a visual sound and bring it to life. I photograph for companies, brands and for various travel and outdoor media pictures for marketing, projects,  social media and magazine articles.

I also work as an content creator and visual storyteller doing social media in Instagram called by: Seikkailumuikku.
I want to spread the joy and delight of hiking, trekking, adventuring, traveling and doing various outdoor activities in Finland. I also want to make people live to the fullest, see all the possibilities in life and discover the magic of life!

Let’s go on an adventure together?


Let’s work together!

Valokuvaaja, somevaikuttaja ja somevalmentaja


Commercial photography, brand photography, magazine photography and documentary event photography.

I capture people, nature and the most inspiring moments in images that emphasize your brand, present your products and tells your story.

Let’s plan the shoot to suit your needs and your brand, and let your story shine.

Valokuvaaja, somevaikuttaja ja somevalmentaja

Social media influencer

 I work as an social media influencer in Instagram called by: @seikkailumuikku. I produce outdoor and adventure content in Finnish to my account with pictures, texts and videos.

I also have a blog for my adventures: , where I write longer texts SEO optimized for Google.

The purpose is to inspire followers to throw themselves into adventures, see the possibilities of doing different things, experience the wonders of nature and dare to live life to the fullest!

Let’s do some impressive outdoor and travel marketing together!



Let’s go on an adventure together?

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Kanerva!

I am a Finnish photographer, adventurer, social media influencer and visual storyteller. I love to be outdoors and capture moments to be seen by everyone.

Originally I have studied and worked in an ambulance as a paramedic, but in 2019 visual storytelling took the lead and I studied to be a photographer. After that I started to do social media as an adventurer influencer and in the year of 2021 I launch my own business and now I work as a full-time entrepreneur.

I hike, travel, paddle, cycle, ski and adventure as much as I can and would love to help capture your business’s or stories to pictures that can grow your brand or tell the story of yours.

Photos to tell a story

I believe that every story deserves to be seen in a distinctive way and
every brand can raise themselves better known with good photos that fit the brand.